At Santucci Orthodontics, we strive to provide the most effective, stress-free braces treatment. We offer this guide to share answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about braces in Wichita, KS.

Braces FAQ

Do I Need A Referral To See An Orthodontist?

Patients are welcome to schedule an appointment at any time even without a referral.

Are Braces Painful?

With braces, you may experience some discomfort when you first get your braces on and after each adjustment period. You also may have temporary irritation to the inside of your lips and teeth as your mouth adjusts to the appliances. Regardless, the pain should not be severe and will subside as your teeth and mouth adjust.

You can use over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate any soreness. Our team can also provide you with orthodontic wax to prevent brackets from causing irritation. However, if the pain persists or is severe, please call our team as soon as possible.

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

The amount of time you spend in braces depends on several factors. These include your age, how severe the problem being corrected is, and how well you cooperate with treatment. Patients can be in braces for as little as six months and as long as three years.

Do I Still See My Dentist While In Treatment?

Yes! Dentists and orthodontists do different work, and the work of your dentist is more important than ever when you have braces.

How Often Do I Brush My Teeth When Wearing Braces?

Because braces give food particles more places to hide, you should brush after every time you eat and before bed. Flossing should be done at least once a day. You can use a water flosser to make it easier.

What Foods Must I Avoid With Braces?

Eating certain foods can damage your braces, which is not only inconvenient for you but could potentially slow down your treatment if left unfixed.

Generally, you shouldn’t eat sticky, hard, or crunchy foods. These foods include caramels and taffy, chewing gum, hard candy, ice, and nuts. We will go over this information in detail during your consultation and when you get your braces on.

Will My Braces Stop Me From Playing Sports And Instruments Or Singing?

No. For sports, you will need a special mouthguard. For singing and instruments, there will be an adjustment period, but it goes fast and you will quickly be back to singing and playing like always.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces varies depending on each patient’s needs. You’ll likely pay more for longer treatment durations and advanced treatment methods.

We don’t want anyone to miss the care they need due to finances, so we try to be as flexible as possible. We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans. We also know how to maximize your benefits. Our practice is a Delta Dental Premier Provider and part of the Cigna Dental PPO Network.

How Do I Get Braces In Wichita, KS?

Getting braces in Wichita, KS begins with an initial consultation at Santucci Orthodontics with Dr. Santucci and his team. At this appointment, we will complete your initial exam and determine which treatment options are for you. At your first and every subsequent appointment, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.