If you never got braces as a child or teen, you can still get a beautiful straight smile. Braces for adults are standard treatment in Wichita, KS, and beyond. While they improve your smile’s appearance and your self-confidence, they also improve chewing functionality and resolve oral health issues.

At Santucci Orthodontics, Dr. Santucci offers individualized orthodontic treatment for adults in Wichita, and our team offers years of expertise in the orthodontic field. If you’re interested in braces, we can help you choose the perfect type and treat all your orthodontic concerns.

Our team employs the most helpful straightening solutions, whether you have gaps, misalignments, crowding, or other issues. We make it easy to get a straighter smile with several treatment options.

Are Braces An Option For Me?

Braces are still an option for you, even if you’re an adult! Although children and teens may start to see results earlier in the treatment process, braces are just as effective in your adult years.

While your appearance may change with adult braces, correcting any oral issues and aesthetic misalignments will prevent future issues from occurring. No matter the orthodontic issues you face in Wichita, you can maintain a dazzling smile with the help of our professional team.

If you want to know if braces are an option for you, schedule a consultation for adult braces today. During your visit, Dr. Santucci will discuss your oral health history, evaluate your teeth, and determine what your treatment plan will look like.

Why You May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids! As an adult, you may need orthodontic treatment for several reasons. Whether you’ve already had braces in the past or it’s your first time experiencing orthodontics, orthodontic treatment can help you reach your smile goals.

After adulthood, your teeth and jaw stop developing, and it’s common for issues to appear as you age. You may need orthodontic treatment to correct improper bone development and improve bite functionality. You can also avoid further tooth decay from crowded teeth and prevent periodontal disease.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for braces is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Santucci and his team. At Santucci Orthodontics, we use this initial consultation to perform a thorough examination to get an accurate picture of your current smile. We also take time to sit down with you and discuss your smile goals and financial plan and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits Of Getting Braces

From enhanced self-esteem to improved oral health, you have no reason to hesitate in getting adult braces. Did you know that 4 million people in the U.S wear braces? Twenty-five percent of that number are adults. Thanks to technology, the appliances are more sleek and comfortable than ever.

The most significant benefit of getting braces is, of course, a beautiful smile. We think you deserve to have a smile you love. By getting braces, we can help restore your self-confidence to share your smile with the world.

Your oral health is a clear indicator of the rest of your body’s overall health. Periodontal disease and tooth decay may indicate poor health in general. All types of braces can effectively correct your tooth alignment to make oral hygiene easier and prevent further issues from popping up down the line.

Treatment Options

At Santucci Orthodontics, we offer more than just traditional braces. Using the Pitts21 bracket system, treatment is more comfortable, efficient, and fits with your busy schedule thanks to shorter and less frequent appointments.

  • Metal braces: Traditional braces feature metal brackets and wires that gradually straighten your teeth. They can treat routine to complex orthodontic issues, including bite alignments. As the most trusted solution for straightening your teeth, these braces are ideal for treating orthodontic problems no matter your age.
  • Ceramic braces: For those who want a more discreet option than the traditional metal look of braces, ceramic brackets are an excellent option. These braces for adults are designed to match your natural tooth color and blend in with your smile, all with the same effectiveness as metal braces.